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Minimalism (wikipedia definition) .

Is this minimalism?

M Slansky M Slansky 4 posts

“The Rule Of ‘Thirds’” By Anne Staub. Could someone explain to me what I’m missing here? I mean, I understand the rule of thirds, but if this photo were divided in this manner, it’s not even. I dunno. Help me see.

Adrian Rachele Adrian Rachele 335 posts

HI Lis. Can you post a link or insert the image so we can see without having to go searching for it.

You can find out how to did that here

Mark German Mark German 5728 posts

Hi again Lis :)

I do not believe that the image your refer to is minimalist at all, and would not have allowed it in myself. I will wait for other hosts to give their opinion before a decision to remove can be made.

ozczecho ozczecho 65 posts

Lis – I agree with you and Mark “rule of thirds” is not minimalist. We have a group of moderators, each with their own opinion. We have the group guidelines/definitions to help and keep the decisions consistent but sometimes moderators opinions will differ…thats not a problem and thats why we have these forums to discuss why something is or isnt minimalist.

IMHO “rule of thirds” is way to busy and has too many elements to be considered minimalist.

Anne Staub Anne Staub 3471 posts

Hi Melissa,

Just spotted this thread, and I recall the image you’re talking about which was not minimalist but as regards to the rule of thirds, it was an “abstract” view of it………. :)

Mark German Mark German 5728 posts

hahaha Anne – only 7 months late hehehehehe!!!!!

Anne Staub Anne Staub 3471 posts