Minimalism - Visual Purity 1p.d.

Minimalism (wikipedia definition) .


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over 3 years ago by prophetutz
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If you feel that your art work was unfairly “rejected” because it wasn’t deemed to be “minimalist” enough – post the work here.If two other people agree with you, the admin(s) will post the art work to the group.

over 6 years ago by TeAnne
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We have some amazing works in the pool. Feel free to highlight any that you feel deserve the honour. Do this by posting a link to the image here. Maybe also write why its a highlight in your eyes…

over 8 years ago by Gav (gRizzle) Rose
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Basically a forum where you thing an artwork in the group does not fit the group guidelines. Nominate the work here and if 2 other people agree with you the admin(s) will remove the work from the group.

almost 8 years ago by Anne Staub
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