Minifigs & Bricks

Minifig's & Bricks, Captured by the Camera

  • Til Undeath Do Us Part by SteveJOM
  • Marilyn Monroe Portrait by littleartists
  • This twin convention is too serious! by Alex Bonner
  • Gladiator by ruleamon
  • no way man, they're bigger than us! by Lorena María
  • 2012 Home appliance by designholic
  • Frogs Have Feelings Too by Fanboy30
  • Who's That Up On The Roof? by Addison
  • Christmas decorations, Merry Christmas by Addison
  • King Kong by spredwood
  • MNU Commercial equality  by Shobrick
  • The Samurai Art Of Cutting Pizza by PedroVezini
  • Some Fishing Action by Shauna  Kosoris