Military Vehicle Group

A Group for Military Vehicle Enthusiasts. Wheeled or tracked, land or amphibious.

Recent Work

  • Morris Gun Tractor by Edward Denyer
  • Scout  by Tom McDonnell
  • "Heavy Armour"- Challenger 2 Main BattleTank (MBT) British Army by Andrew Harker
  • Marksman Self-propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun by mike  jordan.
  • Valentine Mark III Infantry Tank by mike  jordan.
  • British M3 Grant Medium Tank by mike  jordan.
  • Soviet T34/85 Main Battle Tank by mike  jordan.
  • Sturmgeschutz III Self -Propelled Gun by mike  jordan.
  • Abbot 105mm Self-Propelled Gun by mike  jordan.
  • Shiryon by Neta Bartal

About This Group

This is a group for Images of Military Vehicles, wheeled or tracked, land and amphibious. Especially catering for artists with a Military background, an enthusiastic preservation person or Images from a military vehicle show. It will cover vehicles in operation today right back to the earlier types of military transport. We are not expecting action war scenes but the vehicles themselves moving or static with personel or without.
The vehicle or its weaponry must be the predominant feature, not people.

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