Seeing things in their essence by being visually awake.

  • Skimmed by Celia Strainge
  • Tabak Shop by phil decocco
  • 178/365 honeydew by LouJay
  • Wheels and Windows by Peter Baglia
  • SHEET MUSIC TRUMPETS  (C) 2013 All Rights Reserved by waddleudo
  • Cracked wishy-washy green by Carol Dumousseau
  • Twins by woepie
  • Siver series III by Cecily  Graham
  • SECRETS UNDER FLAGSTONE by Thomas Barker-Detwiler
  • Molten by su2anne
  • Shiny circles by Carol Dumousseau
  • Distant Memories by Joanne  Bradley
  • Viewpoint by jaeepathak
  • Phone Home by Lynn Wiles
  • Drain © by Ethna Gillespie
  • Curved Wall, Square Window by Celia Strainge
  • 24/2 enough rope by Evelyn Bach
  • The Stones Beneath My Feet by petegrev