Art of the Middle East

Photographs, artwork, journals, clothing and writing concerning the cultures, traditions, places and events in the Middle East.


  • perfect symbiosis at Fantasia by jhawa
  • Mount Olives by dominiquelandau
  • Dervish by Ted Byrne
  • Dubai by Pippa Carvell
  • Yellow Cactus Flower by coralZ
  • Satellite by Hélène David-Cuny
  • Variety Store, Israel by coralZ
  • Doha: Living in Style by Kasia-D
  • Composition X by dominiquelandau
  • Natural abstract #4 by dominiquelandau
  • Footprints in the Dead Sea by dominiquelandau
  • Original painting fragment 55 by Elena Kotliarker
  • Red structure by dominiquelandau
  • City Silhouette - Dubai by fernblacker
  • Composition IV by dominiquelandau
  • before the night by jhawa
  • Turquoise  by KerryPurnell
  • The Apple And The Hand by Ahmed  Al Safi