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Art of the Middle East

Photographs, artwork, journals, clothing and writing concerning the cultures, traditions, places and events in the Middle East.


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Members can share ideas, concerns or events, that are accruing now or in the future and connected to the group’s concept.

about 5 years ago by Philip Golan
Comment Who am I?
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This forum is for the artists to introduce themselves to the rest of the group. A great place to tell us from which country you are, where do you live? Anything about yourself and a place that enables the members to connect with each other…

over 5 years ago by barcasolar
Comment Our group winners
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This is where I will post threads about all winners, interviews with the artists and voting results

almost 5 years ago by Gregory John O'Flaherty
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Information, comments, suggestions concerning our weekly featured artists / artwork

over 7 years ago by Valerie Anne Kelly
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almost 8 years ago by Philip Golan
Comment Year end calendar
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over 5 years ago by Eyal Nahmias
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about 2 years ago by Eyal Nahmias
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