Art of the Middle East

Photographs, artwork, journals, clothing and writing concerning the cultures, traditions, places and events in the Middle East.

  • City Silhouette - Dubai by fernblacker
  • Salma  by emmawind
  • The Dealer by Norbert Probst
  • Streets Of Syria by KerryPurnell
  • Desert Breeze by KerryPurnell
  • The Western Wall by dominiquelandau
  • My little fairy Amber by Elena Kotliarker
  • Freedom Above by Neta Bartal
  • Omani by Alice Kent
  • Souq Worker by Alice Kent
  • Rumi's Window by Ted Byrne
  • wet games by Victor Bezrukov
  • Doha National Day - the day madness descends! by emmawind
  • Walking Wadi Rum by KerryPurnell
  • Souq Worker by Alice Kent
  • Beirut Nights II by nancy salamouny
  • Music by Moshe Cohen
  • Dome Reflections by joeborg1