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Michigan Outdoors *LOCATION REQUIRED!*

Art and Photography from the heart of the Great Lakes.


  • Dinner by Lin Taylor
  • You can't see me. I'm hiding... behind this tree by Lin Taylor
  • Sunset of Frozen Dreams by Kathilee
  • Mirror Mirror by Kathilee
  • I Hear You Coming by Kathilee
  • Lake Michigan Dunes by Joy Fitzhorn
  • Frankfort North Breakwater Lighthouse by Joy Fitzhorn
  • Fall on the Manistee River by Joy Fitzhorn
  • Shadow "Barn Kitty" by Chris Coates
  • January Storm Clouds by Chris Coates
  • Forever by faded-photos
  • Charlevoix Lighthouse  by Megan Noble
  • I Always Come Back by faded-photos
  • Say Goodbye by faded-photos
  • First Snow on the Stream by Chris Coates
  • Shoreline Golden Serenity by Kathilee
  • Shoreline Curve by Kathilee
  • Rivermarsh by Kathilee