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  • waddleudo

    "The Curse" (c) 2010 All Rights Reserved by waddleudo

    " . . . as the sun went down on this “Dia de los Muertos,” Julio Ibarra Lopez de Montoya, the Third, shuddered. Could he dare to hope that the family curse had worn off?"

    686 words
  • Skip Hunt

    Juan is the Loneliest Number by Skip Hunt

    I can’t tell you just how incredibly ethereal the desert smells in the Northern baja just after a rain in July.

    202 words
  • Skip Hunt

    John and Yoko 2000 by Skip Hunt

    As the afternoon blazed, and after we’d all made it past the complimentary nausea hump, we built a nice fire and drifted through loose conversational threads…

    868 words
  • Skip Hunt

    Xilitla Miró by Skip Hunt

    …darting through the subtropical wood without concern of all the fresh scrapes and cuts I was getting from the brush and brambles… figured it was better than feral doggie-fang surprise.

    297 words
  • johnny hancen

    a day in monterrey by johnny hancen

    this is from back awhile ago when i was in monterrey ,nuevo leon, mexico, nothing extrodinary just a day that i wrote about at one time.—-well today started out good.i found out they have a sub…

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