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**Mystical Magical Creatures**

Creatures from the Imagination

Recent Work

  • Dusk 2 by dcosmos
  • Dusk 3i by dcosmos
  • Shinigami Shadow by bradixart
  • Blood Moon Unveiling  by Miles Moody
  • Lightning Bolt - Scott pilgrim vs The World by bleedart
  • Flying Fish by Chrispykreme
  • Catfish by Chrispykreme
  • Zebra Danio by Chrispykreme
  • Angelfish by Chrispykreme
  • Coelacanth by Chrispykreme
  • Betta by Chrispykreme
  • Frilled Shark by Chrispykreme

About This Group

This group is all about fantasy beings .. those magical mystical creatures

Creatures that exisit in our imagination .. Creatures of myth .. magic and legend

Creatures from other worlds .. Heavenly creatures or creatures from the depths of hell

The witch .. the werewolf .. the vampire .. the fae .. the unicorn .. the alien .. the demon .. the mermaid .. Fairy Tale creatures .. the list is endless

All manner of creatures that do not exist in the real world .. but thrive in our imagination.

We do NOT accept scenery or fractals unless there is a creature in them

We do NOT accept photos of family .. friends .. animals .. birds .. sea life

BUT we will take a photo of a person .. animal .. bird .. sea life, if they are dressed up to like a fantasy creature .. get the idea

Please read the rules carefully before joining the group

Remember there MUST be a creature in your image or tee or iphone case or iPad case

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