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MEN (18 and older)

All men and they must be the subject of work. (12380054 9823008)

Features. May 17, 2012.

Maree Cardinale Maree Cardinale 1798 posts

What an inspiring celebration of masculinity we have on offer today. Thank you for your wonderful contributions.
Maree xx
“What Makes a Man a Man, A friend once wondered. Is it his origins, the way he comes to life? I don’t think so. It’s the choices he makes; not how he starts things but how he decides to end things.”
Author: from “hellboy” movie

Featured and also chosen for this week’s group Avatar

by Tatjana Ulbutova


'Self Portrait'
by Glenn Stephenson


" Remembering yesterday "
by CanyonWind


Jugo de Piña
by mjaleman


Cross purposes
by awefaul


Proud as a Peacock
by Gal Lo Leggio


Street Artist
by Mar�a Gonz�lez


His Gentle Warmth Tempers The North Wind
by Ina Mar


He Was Playin' Real Good for Free
by Bryan D. Spellman


young nimbin man
by carol brandt


The Artist
by Roz McQuillan


Athletic guy
by Nasko .


Glenn Stephenson Glenn Stephenson 8 posts

Nice work guys:)

Maria  Gonzalez Maria Gonzalez 180 posts

Wonderful works! Congrats to all artist and many thanks for include my ‘Street Artist’, so honored :)

CanyonWind CanyonWind 3958 posts

Thank you for featuring , " Remembering yesterday "

Mark.I.F. Jarvis Mark.I.F. Jarvis 137 posts

A great selection of works – congratulations to everyone

carol brandt carol brandt 118 posts

brilliant collection! :))

Mike Shell Mike Shell 139 posts


Scott Mitchell Scott Mitchell 675 posts

WOW< fantastic! Great choices Maree – congrats to all the featured artists!!!

awefaul awefaul 125 posts

A fabulous collection! Congratulations everyone.

Tatjana Larina Tatjana Larina 68 posts

Congratulations for all artists, fantastic works! Feel honored to see my work in your amazing gallery. Thank you!

judith26 judith26 58 posts

Good stuff, love the diversity

Ina Mar Ina Mar 176 posts

thank you for including my artwork! Congratulations to everyone for the feature!

Bruno Beach Bruno Beach 15 posts

Thank you so much :-)

Guendalyn Guendalyn 2154 posts