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Memorials - Location Required

Memorials and their locations


  • uncleblack

    our goodbyes by uncleblack

    the laurel tree still grows tall,
    and as its low boughs sag
    the weight of its own world
    bears down,
    eventually the tips of the branches
    will touch the ground.

    i had known that this day would come, in time…

    125 words
  • uncleblack

    Sam 9.3.12 by uncleblack

    my little hollow heart,
    the sharp parts,
    are the ones that hurt.

    to hold one last time
    your paw,
    to feel one last time,
    your ear.

    all now hidden in the passed years,
    flavouring the endless tears.

    yet insid…

    80 words
  • uncleblack

    simple things by uncleblack

    were there footprints left behind,
    as sweet horse chestnut leaves settled down?

    when hushed memorial voices,
    gave rise to a murmur,
    spreading out,thick molasses mouths,
    in sweet, sweet praise.

    were there…

    111 words
  • Catherine  Howell

    Fall In New Mexico by Catherine Howell

    We are going to do it,
    Just me and Sam,
    And Grizzy’s ashes.

    We will make it
    To that mountain pass,
    Between Colorado
    And New Mexico,

    And we will stand there,
    In the fresh, fall,
    Mountain Air,
    And we will brea…

    162 words
  • uncleblack

    Perfume by uncleblack

    it comes in the tiny gestures,
    the tiny motions of respect,
    the tiny moments of care,
    that make us human.

    the man walks in front of the car
    we nod a little nod
    we say a little prayer
    to whoever it is up th…

    133 words
  • uncleblack

    don't by uncleblack

    don’t leave me here
    not without a note,
    or word.

    not a feeling spared
    golden into the glow,
    a shoulder no more
    that the weary head shall know.

    i took you home.

    don’t leave me here
    alone and in …

    204 words
  • Catherine  Howell

    Little Soul by Catherine Howell

    Dear Little Soul,
    I realized this morning that you had passed away.
    My largest regret is that I was not with you
    Stroking you when your time came to an end.

    You never had a chance.
    From the beginning you…

    150 words