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*For Victorians or visitors who take pictures of this wonderful State & City. NO Frames, Clothing, No ipods, ipads, iphones, Cushions , bags Duvet covers or MUGS Nor stickers- Limit 3 per day & location must be add to all entries*


  • The Song by Bette Devine
  • Container Ship by Bette Devine
  • Looking Out by Bette Devine
  • Rockpools by Vickie Burt
  • 1091 Newhaven Harbour by DavidsArt
  • Rosalind Park, Victoria, Australia by Adam Calaitzis
  • Sacred Heart Cathedral Bendigo, Victoria, Australia by Adam Calaitzis
  • Women in the Fountain by kalaryder
  • Little purple tubes Leith Park Victoria 20160530 7038  by Fred Mitchell
  • New Grevillea hedge flowers Leith Park Victoria 20160530 7032 by Fred Mitchell
  • Princes Bridge Sunset, Melbourne by susanzentay
  • Luna Park St Kilda, Melbourne by susanzentay
  • Beauchamp Falls, Otway Rangers, Victoria. by susanzentay
  • Sacred Heart Bendigo #7 by kalaryder
  • Sacred Heart Cathedral Windows by kalaryder
  • Flinders floating by athex
  • The birds are returning! by Kay Cunningham
  • Bathing Boxes, Brighton Beach by Roz McQuillan