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W.A. gallery sculpture poetry comp

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Combining art and writing!
The city of Rockingham is holding the ‘Castaways’ sculpture competition. Have a look at the 28 or so sculptures, then write a poem about one of them by March 13th.

Entries to castaways@rockingham.wa.gov.au

There is a limit of 24 lines for each poem, and up to 3 poems can be submitted. Poems are to be based on, or inspired by, any of the images in the castaways Web Gallery, and you most certainly are not limited to a single image.

The first prize winner will receive $200 and will have their winning entry printed in the Castaways Sculpture Award catalogue. Approximately 2000 copies of the catalogue are printed, and the winner will receive 2 copies as part of their prize. There are also two 2nd prizes of $100 each.