*For Victorians or visitors who take pictures of this wonderful State & City. NO Frames, Clothing, No ipods, ipads, iphones, Cushions , bags Duvet covers or MUGS Nor stickers- Limit 3 per day & location must be add to all entries*

Outdoor Night Photography - Weekly Update

Michman Michman 446 posts

This week the theme is outdoor night photography . Please congratulate the locals on their work and take a wander through the rest of their portfolios.

Avatar Update: VOTING OPEN
After a frenetic week of uploading the votes are now open for the Avatar Update for the group. Without too many blue skinned aliens wandering in we’ve had a 31 entries for the spot. Not to be too dictatorial but… VOTE NOW

Free fonts and stuff
Red bubble has changed it’s branding with a giant stamp now embedded into the page but it’s journal posts have been quite useful. The new Melbourne & Victoria banner has been kindly helped by Tegra . Click through to have a look at the 10 free fonts indicated.

Feature nominations
We are now open for nominations for featured artists. If you wish to nominate someone apart from yourself please Bmail me with there user name. The nomination must be a ‘Melbourne and Victoria’ resident and member of the group.

Lastly question of the week – In fitting with the free fonts, what is your favorite Font?

Michman Michman 446 posts

Personally, I’m always fond of Gill Sans and on the reverse I can’t stand Papyrus anymore.
Apart from bad high school work Avatar has now ruined any use of that for me ever again.

AmandaWitt AmandaWitt 43456 posts

I like the swirls of Kirimono swash, and the dotted design of quicksand.