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[game] 2 random things

Incognita Incognita 21 posts

With you on that driving thing ggg > I don’t drive, won’t drive…okay, CAN’T drive (tho’ I did have a trail bike in my teens…).

And I broke both my ankles (well, one is only micro-fractured ;-P) and dislocated my foot getting off the couch…

friartuck friartuck 28 posts

The driving thing… Hmmm – as a baby I slept with toy cars instead of teddy bears. My dad taught me to steer sitting on his lap when I was four and I was driving fully by 8 years old. Even being involved in a few write-offs has not dented my love of driving.

I could always chauffeur you guys around!

BTW – GoldCoastGirl – that is one sexy avatar you got there (if you don’t mind me saying so)

MissKristy MissKristy 327 posts

- I own three cars. Two of which are pretty much total bombs.

- A friend and I enjoy riding the city circle tram, speaking other languages (badly)pretending to be tourists.


Darren Stones Darren Stones 2688 posts

I worked in the home of one of Australia’s richest men during the 1980s.

I voted for Jeff Kennett – once.

Kaitlin Beckett Kaitlin Beckett 583 posts

In the census form under religion I put ‘Bene Gesserit’ hehe. I’d LOVE to know if anyone else in Australia put that…

earthairfire earthairfire 590 posts

I’m really an android from the future come to act as a warning to the human race…

Please don’t tell anyone or I’ll get in trouble… big trouble!

SpaceAce07 SpaceAce07 166 posts

Ok here’s two more from me.

1, I only have 48% hearing all up.

2, I only have one good eye, my left eye is stuffed. I can see out of it, but not 100%.
If I lost my right eye I would have no chance in hell of doing anything.

James Price James Price 24 posts

haha – firedrake, nice… I was almost going to put Tleilaxu as my cultural reference, (being the total geek that I am) but decided not to. As much as love Dune though.

Darren Stones Darren Stones 2688 posts

I have never purchased a slice of cake from Acland Street.

I remember getting a green arrow at the intersection of Kerferd Road and Beaconsfield Parade in 1998.

SpaceAce07 SpaceAce07 166 posts

Why is my number 1 entry with a box around it so bleedin small? WTF?

Kaitlin Beckett Kaitlin Beckett 583 posts

HAHA James..are you a shapeshifter?

PhotoBloke PhotoBloke 12 posts

1 – I have a photographic memory.
2 – Unfortunately I only have a 256k card.

Lois Romer Lois Romer 962 posts

lol very witty photobloke

Jo O'Brien Jo O'Brien 4616 posts

I’ve had more coffee than water the last week or so

For a photographer, I don’t really like taking photos all that much

adrian76 adrian76 849 posts

I have used the internet regularly for the best part of 15 years, but I still managed to screw up my first online auction purchase last week, so badly that my girlfriend almost had her ebay account cancelled… stupid is as stupid does

When offered a choice between 2 very similar jobs for the same salary, within 300 metres of each other…. potential restrictions to Redbubble and Facebook were a contributing factor in my decision. I think that actually classifies me as “mildly retarded”

Jo O'Brien Jo O'Brien 4616 posts

Adrian, that is smart career planning ;)

bellmusker bellmusker 1259 posts

I’ve lived in two houses where the previous tenant died there mere weeks before I moved in….and was just told that my new flat marks the third. It’s somewhat strange to still get mail marked to them and know that people are unaware of their death. Not to mention the phone calls. At least this one just died in her sleep, instead of the vicious stabbing murder in my last house.

I carry marker pens and chalk so I can correct the English on menu boards. I simply can’t walk past “Bacon and egg’s” without doubling back, and having my wicked way with that errant apostrophe.

friartuck friartuck 28 posts

1. I once forgot my niece’s baptism – and I’m her godfather.

2. I am feeling more and more sane as I read everyone else’s little secrets here! ;-)

Jo O'Brien Jo O'Brien 4616 posts

1. I love my bank and get really excited when I notice their debit cards being used by other people

2. Brushing my hair is slowly but surely becoming a two person job- I suck at it and therefore put it off for days and days which really makes it worse and worse

MichaelCouacaud MichaelCouacaud 76 posts

ok these are weird but

1. I don’t like it when people peel mushrooms before they cook them.

2. I thought I was the only one to have that squiggly line in your eye that floats near your line of sight until it disappears when you look at it and comes back when you don’t until Family Guy talked about it in an episode.

Liberta Liberta 16 posts

1. I envy tall people.
2. No matter how hard I try I can’t curl my tongue.

Incognita Incognita 21 posts

Michael that’s bits of your retina floating around….

Jo O'Brien Jo O'Brien 4616 posts

1. I can’t whistle and it really really shits me. A lot. Just the sound of someone else whistling shits me.

2. I’ve been slapped by at least 20 women when attempting to pick up at bars and clubs and tacky meat market places like that.

John Robb John Robb 2663 posts

only 20? – jeez i get that many in one evening (note to self:- must work on less sleazy pickup lines)


Steve Axford Steve Axford -39 posts

1. I worked as a baker (crap job)

2. I worked in explosives research (probably not something I want to admit to on an immigration card)