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[game] 2 random things

earthairfire earthairfire 590 posts


Jo O'Brien Jo O'Brien 4616 posts

suuurrrreee Tim. We believe you wink wink

earthairfire earthairfire 590 posts

hang on a sec while I apply my bothered face :oP

Alateia Alateia 795 posts

i used to believe that the radio anouncer that introduced the ‘next band is…. the mamas and the pappas’…..well, i thought the bands were really inside the radio, little small lilliputians. i used to watch and wait for hours wondering how they could all fit inside and when they would be leaving. so i would watch the back of the radio and turn it around VERY CAREFULLY

and… i used to get scared when mum would leave me infront of the tv when the news lady would come on and be talking about bad things that were REALLY SERIOUS i thought she could see me and i had done something wrong.
so everytime she would look down i would make a run for the door then FREEZE! when she would look up and make like ( i wasnt doing anything, smile and look as cute and sweet as i could) until she looked down again then sprint! it would take me about 4 goes before finally i would be out of the room and run to mum.

well, there you have it, its the truth and i have never told anyone except YOU.

friartuck friartuck 28 posts

Hi Alateia – don’t feel too bad. When I was watching telly as a kid, at dad’s feet, they showed footage of a cattle stampede. I raced up dad’s legs, terrified I was going to get run over!

James Price James Price 24 posts

hmmm.. things you don’t know…
- I can remember my dreams since before I was about 3 or 4 years old…
- I can’t (or rather won’t) eat Coriander

Jo O'Brien Jo O'Brien 4616 posts

I’m loving this… you people are totally nuts
2 more random things from me…

- I live out of my diary. As in, I have to check it constantly or I wouldn’t have a clue what I’m doing all day. If I ever lost it… well… let’s not think about such terrible terrible things.
- I don’t let anyone touch my feet

Melinda Kerr Melinda Kerr 919 posts

Lisa I failed the brownie music badge cos I couldn’t hit high C on my recorder. I was so sad.

I used to have the worst temper of anyone you have ever met. And I used to lose it all the time.

Darren Stones Darren Stones 2689 posts

I had a hole-in-one at my former golf club whilst playing off a handicap of 5 in 1997.

I drank a full bottle of full-strength beer at the age of three.

Both are true. I still drink beer to this day, but don’t play golf anymore.

Lois Romer Lois Romer 962 posts

I used to work as a debt collector.
I also in my teens played in an all girl band as a guitarist. that was so long ago and im so rusty.

friartuck friartuck 28 posts

Hey Melinda – does that mean you still get a nervous eye-twitch every time you see a recorder…? ;-)

I got trapped alone for forty minutes in a lift once. I never told them I’d been jumping up and down to make the lift rock just before it jammed…

Darren Stones Darren Stones 2689 posts

@ Mel Kerr. Brownies has a yucky sound about it I reckon. I feel your pain.

I reluctantly went to Cubs – twice. Playing tunnel ball on the second night in a shitty old scout hall was the final straw!

transmute transmute 717 posts

I like pedicures. Yeah, I know, but I don’t care so fuck off!

I had nightmares about giant flies when I was little, so my mum had to spray pretend magical flyspray in my room before I would sleep.

Melinda Kerr Melinda Kerr 919 posts

The point is brownies is supposed to be a positive experience.

I was too deep for high C anyway.

SpaceAce07 SpaceAce07 166 posts

Here’s a couple from me and I have a few more.

I love Classical Music, Swan lake is my favorite. I aint always been a KISS fan.

My sister made me a pair of Bay City Rollers pants when I was in primary school, I wore them once and I looked a real dick in them. They didn’t last long.

salsbells69 salsbells69 491 posts

When i was young..i took a sickie from school..ran away to join the circus…got found out riding my pushie down the street only to crash and burn in front of my mother and stubb my big toe..(is that two?)

whoalse whoalse 12 posts

I drove a car that is much older than I am which I call it my sister (and a yellow tank)!!!

I cheated in exams (sssshhhh……..but am on the other side providing answers!!! LoL). That’s what friends are for?!!

earthairfire earthairfire 590 posts

my ‘interesting’ facts sound so lame now… can i have another go? lol

Top post nut jobs!

salsbells69 salsbells69 491 posts

Gotta love mums after reading a few of these!!! :))

Hien Nguyen Hien Nguyen 303 posts

I like this game. Some things ppl around me know…

- I’ve lost my licence 9 times for speeding and related incidences.

- I’ve been involved in a very high speed police chase that had a helicopter and a dozen or so police cars follow me for over half an hour. I got into big trouble when I finally got caught :)

David Spencer David Spencer 50 posts

-I told a joke on Young Talent Time when i was 8.

-My older sisters used to dress me up in their dancing costumes

animo animo 43 posts

- i changed my middle name

- i collect four leaf clovers (really)

bicozikan bicozikan 1079 posts

Hey! I have a four leaf clover :) It’s a little more abnormal than usual though because its fourth leaf is smaller than the other three. I keep it in an old careers guide book for good luck with job hunting.

I also painted my feet with bright red lipstick when I was about 3 or 4 and walked all over the cream carpet we had. My mum was heavily pregnant with my sister at the time and made me soak in the bathtub while she frantically called the carpet company to find a way to get the lipstick out. I complained about my ‘froggy hands’ after a while.

Oh and we’d only been in that house for like maybe a month or so

shanghaiwu shanghaiwu 135 posts

this is all great stuff

i won a diving competition /thought i knew it all and the next week dived into shallow water and hit the bottom.
did a photoshopped image of mao with time clock at his throat /whilst in china/was told that people go to prison for similar!

Mark German Mark German 5225 posts


1/ I was on a child-talent show, singing. I didn’t even know the words…

2/ ! have four parking tickets pasted to my pc.