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[game] 2 random things

Paul Grinzi Paul Grinzi 604 posts

1 – I forget my age this year, thinking I’m a year older than i am, when asked.
2 – I have quaranteened some time each week to get through my backlog of unprocessed photos from the past 4 years!

bellmusker bellmusker 1259 posts

1, I watched the “lost” finale on tv last night and caught myself exclaiming out loud, alone in my flat….what the hell does THAT mean?!

2. There was a reading of one of my stories at the Emerging Writers’ Festival last night, and my heart raced through the entire piece.

Felt damn good though.

bellmusker bellmusker 1259 posts

1) Somebody please tell me how I managed to get sunburnt IN ENGLAND.

2) Walking down Manchester’s Market Street yesterday with Holly Ringland, I caught sight of H&M (my favourite shop) and surprised all, including myself, by breaking into a delighted happy dance quite reminiscent of Flashdance. Never saw that coming.

DragonFlyer DragonFlyer 2263 posts

1) there was all this stuff on the news last night and this morning, AND in the Herald Sun about photos in a gallery of little boys with no tops on playing with guns, and how that MUST encourage boys to play with guns….

2) Has anybody ever seen little boys with no tops on in a gallery looking at photos and being influenced by them?

bellmusker bellmusker 1259 posts

1. Whenever I get acupuncture, as I did last night, I become so washed clean with endorphins that I find myself smiling at trees and chatting to sparrows in the street.

2. The first thing I do when I wake up each morning is to peek through the blinds to check the skeletal tree outside my window for spring buds. The first one I spy will make me beam.

SereneBear SereneBear 17 posts

1. I have always wanted to go to Egypt.

2. I am a qualified Cabinetmaker by trade. (yep i am female)

Paul Grinzi Paul Grinzi 604 posts

1) I like the rough side of velcro more than the furry side
2) I have thrown away 3 pairs of socks after they all developed holes, in the past week.

transmute transmute 717 posts

1) Pumpkin
2) Blutack

jemimalovesbigted jemimalovesbigted 386 posts

1) I have learnt to juggle recently.. not the throwing balls in the air kind, the being a mother of two kind.
2) The older I get, the more I enjoy getting older…

AmandaWitt AmandaWitt 43456 posts

1. I have learnt the true number of tasks I do in an average week at work by writng out a job description.
2. Said job could be at risk or may not exist next year.

Paul Grinzi Paul Grinzi 604 posts

1. when a shoelace breaks, I try to keep using it with either a knot tying the two broken ends together, or a I tie a really small knot

2. I love the feeling of the sticky side of stickers

bellmusker bellmusker 1259 posts

1. I recently got into a heated discussion over who was sexier, Samantha from ‘Bewitched’ or Jeannie from ‘I dream of Jeannie.’ There were raised voices, fists thumping on the table, and yes, the odd glass of wine involved (how did you guess?). Seems men will always give extra points to a pink Arabian costume.

2. I’ve long been intrigued by Finland.

Paul Grinzi Paul Grinzi 604 posts

1) I hate ‘giant sized’ tissues. (Maybe ‘hate’ is too strong a work, how about ‘loath’?)

2) Have smurfs on my desk at work … from the days when they were originally cool (ie the 80s).

jemimalovesbigted jemimalovesbigted 386 posts

1) I believe in love at first sight.

2) If I had to chose just one style of food to exist on for the rest of my life it would most definitely be Japanese.

Jessica Andrews Jessica Andrews 134 posts

1) I’ve eaten smoked salmon every day for two weeks

2) I’m scared to grow up

jemimalovesbigted jemimalovesbigted 386 posts

1. I adore creating. Doesn’t really matter what it is, I just love doing it.
2. I hate over consumption and Christmas kind of makes me freak out. This is the first year that I have thought about how many individuals benefit from this mass spend session and I really hope that people start placing value in the local hand made produce, rather than the mass produced.

bellmusker bellmusker 1259 posts

1 I just ordered two snoods from a Civil War Reenactment Society in the States; not for any particular reenactment, but just because…well, I really like snoods.

2 A particularly aggressive young man snarled to my face on Saturday in the street: Redheads! You should all be drowned at birth. A lovely start to my weekend, and not the right thing to say to a woman with a redhead’s temper.