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[game] 2 random things

Jo O'Brien Jo O'Brien 4616 posts

How to Play

Write two random things about yourself that we’d never guess. That’s it (easy game isn’t it)

I’ll kick it off…

- I hate mint flavor and go to special trouble to buy non-mint toothpaste
- when I was younger my siblings and I made our own outdoor toilet in the garden and secretly used it until mum found out.

Paul Louis Villani Paul Louis Vil... 857 posts

– I used to take tap dancing lessons from The Johnny Young Talent School!!
– When I was I was in bands and doing the gig thing I used to where black and red nail polish and I used to bleach my goatee beard blonde and hang beads from it!!

jetsta42 jetsta42 544 posts

-i hate the sound and feel of flour…eek!
-my second name is Heidi and i grew up in the swiss alps

MissKristy MissKristy 327 posts

I have an obsession with WHITE SOCKS (oh baby, I LURVE them) I have a drawer filled with them


I’m a drummer. From way back.

MissKristy MissKristy 327 posts

Jessie Heidi …hehehehehe

hides under the bed

Lisa  Jewell Lisa Jewell 3119 posts

Two things only…..

I can only spell words when I write them….

I spent a year as a little girl waking up every night at midnight in hopes of catching my dolls awake…. Finally I gave up…

jetsta42 jetsta42 544 posts

Lisa that is so cute and ditto with the writing words thing

jetsta42 jetsta42 544 posts

i should probably not tell you that my third name is Marilyn as my granddad was a huge monroe fan…

Melinda Kerr Melinda Kerr 935 posts

I failed a brownie badge.

I had to sleep with the light on until I was 15 (honest) cos I was scared of the dark.

Jo O'Brien Jo O'Brien 4616 posts

Your grandfather had that much influence on naming you? That’s nuts!

I’m also a it scared of brushing my hair. Not because it will hurt, just because some little creature might be living in there and bite me. All this fear because once I woke up with a mouse in my hair.

Melinda Kerr Melinda Kerr 935 posts

…Never gotton over that friggin brownie badge…who fails someone for a brownie badge?…friggin brownie…shit…badge…deep…dark…unresolved crap…brownie…thing…

Melissa Vowell Melissa Vowell 8126 posts

my soup is organised in alphabetical order

i’m a blonde (albeit dark blonde)

Melissa Vowell Melissa Vowell 8126 posts

also – just for Melinda – I failed TWO Brownie badges

jetsta42 jetsta42 544 posts

brownie badge?

friartuck friartuck 28 posts

When I was four I had a trike that I called “The brown valiant racing station wagon”.

I once rode that trike into the town lake trying to pass my Aunt who was pushing my sister in a pram…

Hien Nguyen Hien Nguyen 303 posts

1) I’m a reformed computer gamer. I’ve been off my addiction for an entire month now and would play 8-10 hrs every day (for the last ten odd years). However, I started again last night …

2) I have a degree in Chemistry, completed an apprenticeship as a jeweller (worked for a number of years) and I’m really really good at picking fruit!! Anyway, I take photos for my only source of income now :)

Lisa  Jewell Lisa Jewell 3119 posts

Melinda how can you fail a brownie badge hehe…….

I remember the smell of the bronze stuff I used to clean my brownie badges with….

Lisa  Jewell Lisa Jewell 3119 posts


A Brownie is like a Girl Scout hehe

Lisa  Jewell Lisa Jewell 3119 posts


I spent several years playing Diablo – Diablo2 & Dungeon Seige…..shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Melissa Vowell Melissa Vowell 8126 posts

I have attention deficit disorder

I’ve been on a submarine

Jo O'Brien Jo O'Brien 4616 posts

I’ve got more…

- I’m a very nervous passenger when other people are driving me (yet I’ve never bought my own car)
- I like playing crash tackle type sports where I get to knock people over a lot

jetsta42 jetsta42 544 posts

- i absolutely love playing cards

jetsta42 jetsta42 544 posts

-and boardgames

jetsta42 jetsta42 544 posts

and unlike Jo…I love being driven

earthairfire earthairfire 590 posts

Here goes:

1 – I used to work blowing stuff up in the arctic circle
2 – I used to have a serious shoe addiction (think funky trainers, not work boots)


Oh, and I used to be a lady