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*For Victorians or visitors who take pictures of this wonderful State & City. NO Frames, Clothing, No ipods, ipads, iphones, Cushions , bags Duvet covers or MUGS Nor stickers- Limit 3 per day & location must be add to all entries*

Introduce yourself the fun way

su2anne su2anne 1495 posts

I was going through somone’s work when i came across your group!
What a delight to find a local group!!
Please feel free to glance at my work. It’s combination, of photos, paintings, drawings and jottings.
Cheers suzanne (Su2anne)

Cheryle Cheryle 1 post

Hi all, I do not know where to place this info but I just wanted to invite anyone in the area to the opening of the GIFTED exhjbition at Kingston Artsin Moorabin -979-985 Nepean Highway (Town Hall). This group Christmas show should be fun and I have a few works in it. The opening is December 1st from 6-8 pm nd I would love it if you came and of course said hi. Anyway…looki ng forward to the show…Gret to be part of the community.

tbartoshyk tbartoshyk 1 post

Hey all, new to redbubble and first group! I just finished a year long visa in australia where i spent most of my time in Melbourne after backpacking around the country. Im from Alberta, Canada and photography is a hobby that after finishing a degree program I hope to turn into a career.

I joined because of the immense amount of amazing australian photography I have seen on here. The country is so beautiful and I plan on returning soon for more.



Laney11 Laney11 2 posts

Hi everyone! I’m Elanie (Laney), and I live in the Kangaroo Ground / Wattle Glen (Hurstbridge area) of Melbourne. I am currently trying to work with oil paints as my medium. Is this mainly a photography group?

I have a creative background, singing and music until I was about twenty, and then I became a therapist. Now about twelve years later, I am on leave for a while and learning to paint (seems I always have to have something going on!!).

I am purchasing a SLR camera for use with my paintings. I like capturing the world on film (? showing my age!!!), and then taking those pictures to make a painting. I find it easier than sitting outside in the winter!!

Anyway’s that’s about all for now. Hello to everyone in the group, and hopefully I’ll chat to some of you at some stage.

Take care and all the best,

Adam Le Good Adam Le Good 20 posts

Hi all. I’m Adam from Warrandyte and I can categorically tell you that Melbourne is the best city on the planet – especially the weather! I haven’t lived anywhere else (Why would I?), but it’s true.

I’m a corporate trainer by trade, but a photographer by passion and I believe a day isn’t complete unless I take some photos…it just feels empty.

Hope you enjoy my some of my work as I’m sure I’ll enjoy all of yours!

Jan Clarke Jan Clarke 2307 posts

Hi, I’m Jan and I’m a born and bred Melbournian! Most of my work comes from either my garden or from a set-up on my kitchen table – I can’t go out much.

SharronS SharronS 105 posts

Hi, Just travelled to Melbourne for work and made sure the gear was packed! Had one night only in Melbourne with the camera but now I want more. Very photogenic city. Looking forward to browsing the gallery. :)

Daniel Fisher Daniel Fisher 1 post

Hi, I’m Daniel and I’ve lived in Melbourne all of my life. Photography is my passion first, my business second.

You can generally find me, camera in hand exploring the streets of Melbourne at least once per week ….. would be even more if I was closer to the CBD!

I joined Redbubble last year, but have only started uploading a few pieces today. More to come shortly.

When I’m not shooting on the streets, I shoot weddings, events, portraits, fashion and have just started dabbling in product.

I’m looking forward to checking out all of the amazing work that has been created by fellow Melburnians.

kimbaross kimbaross 86 posts

Alas, this group was always a hive of activity. What happened?

Brinjen Brinjen 8 posts

Hi, name is Brinjen. Grew up in South Australia and moved to Ballarat late last year after an 8 year stint in Darwin. Yes, it’s cold here.

Can’t remember when I first became interested in art… it’s been a life long love affair for me. Have developed an interest in digital art in more recent years. Began that affair around 20 years ago with a 286 12Mhz PC with a dazzling 16 colour EGA display and a plain ole mouse.

Have since moved up to a graphics tablet which needless to say… has helped immensely. :-)

Love fantasy based art most of all but am willing to try (and certainly admire) many other forms and genres.

AmandaWitt AmandaWitt 43456 posts

Kimbaross, to answer your question, I think some people who used to be active here have moved on in their lives, and don’t have as much time now or feel that they’ve done/seen all that Bubble has to offer.

Eliza Donovan Eliza Donovan 1 post

Hi Everyone!

I’m new on RedBubble and obviously new to this group. I don’t live in Vic right now, but I used to live in Melbourne and it remains my favourite city out of many. A few lines about myself:

- I’m a human virus of infectious insanity
- Love art, music, writing, photography and other fun things
- I’m an amateur in everything (becoming a pro means you stop enjoying it and start doing it for the money)
- I act on impulses and dreams (meaning the ones I see when I’m asleep)

Have a fab day and looking forward to getting to know you!