*For Victorians or visitors who take pictures of this wonderful State & City. NO Frames, Clothing, No ipods, ipads, iphones, Cushions , bags Duvet covers or MUGS Nor stickers- Limit 3 per day & location must be added to all entries*

Learn Good Camera

This challenge closed over 8 years ago.

The Challenge

Enter your best un-retouched photographic image
(basic adjustments are ok)
What will be valued highly, is a talent for photography that could be enhanced with further technical knowledge.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for photographic images you feel would best benefit from a camera usage tutorial.

Entrants should be based in Melbourne.
Winner should be in possession of an SLR camera, preferably digital.

Rewards & Prizes

Learn to use your camera with Mark German; structured for those who want to really understand the range on functions of their DSLR camera. (Novice – Intermediate level)

Areas covered:
All technical elements of camera & lenses.
Exposure – how to nail it.
Composition – rules and why/how they can be broken.
Anything else we can fit into a 3-4 hour session.

Additional Information

The winner shall be selected by Mark from the leaderboard and invited to participate in a tutorial session on how to use your camera. A casual three to four-hour session, conducted in an environment of your choice – preferably somewhere where concentration is not hampered.
Time and place to be negotiated.


Cover Image: barb wire by phifur


The Top Ten

barb wire  by phifur

barb wire by phifur was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 14 votes.

  • Vision of the Past. by Mark Jones
  • Light in the Lane by MichaelCouacaud
  • Dazzling  by Rosina  Lamberti
  • Let me free!! I'm to light the world.. by Vinod Vijayan
  • Sleeping Kings by Andrew Wilson
  • Prayer Flags by Matthew Duke
  • Bird with One Leg by harshcancerian
  • Grevillea by kjezt
  • Miss Italia nel mondo-Australia 2007 Adele by Rosina lamberti

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