Mature Woman

Group Rules:

The rules are very simple and would be greatly appreciated if adhered to.
1. Upload your very best work.
2. Photographs that are best suited in your family album are not accepted here. No “selfies” or glamour shots are accepted here.
3. Photographs must be in focus and not over exposed.
4. Advertisements and other works with slogans and/or logos are not accepted here.
5. Pornography, exotic poses, and macro shots of genitalia are not accepted here.
6. Digital fractals are not accepted here.
7. Repeated work, whether color and then in sepia are not accepted. Choose which piece you would like to submit and commit to it.
8. Different poses of the same model will be rejected.
9. Upload only 2-3 works per day. All others will be rejected.
10. Please do not upload product design. Only the design please.

Also please note that works submitted may or may not represent the group’s avatar or will be used to represent a challenge. If you do not wish for this to happen, do not submit that work of art here. Thank you.