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Mature Woman

This is a group devoted to the beauty art of the mature woman and from the mature woman.


  • Just Like In The Movies by Fay270
  • Whiskey Jack by Alyce Taylor
  • Prairie Smoke by Alyce Taylor
  • Follow the Red Brick Road by Alyce Taylor
  • Father I Stretch My Hand to THEE by © Angela L Walker
  • Watching You by Jos van de venne
  • Wonders in the Eyes of a Perfect Stranger by Watson  Mere
  • Sri Lanka by lamiel
  • The Victorian Lady by Picatso
  • Fading Fluidity by Wendi Donaldson Laird
  • A Mothers Love by Cathy Amendola
  • I See All With My Eagle Eye by TeresaB
  • Jungle woman by Gerard Rotse
  • Beauty by Night. by Gabrielle  Hope
  • Mute Swan by Alyce Taylor
  • "Julia's Tears.................." by Rosehaven
  • porcupine quills by catealist
  • Christmas by vickimec