Mature Men

Dedicated to men of a certain age

Recent Work

  • Somersby Falls .. Misty Flow by Michael Matthews
  • Trestle, Index Washington by Scott Johnson
  • Dream Sky by Scott Johnson
  • Meditation on a Lotus Flower by Roger Passman
  • Sunrise Tomales Bay, CA, 2009 by Scott Johnson
  • No Country for Old Men by Roger Passman
  • Tiger Lily by Roger Passman
  • Baskets by Scott Johnson
  • LET C-11 (Yak 11)  by larry flewers
  • Japanese Lilac Tree in Winter by Roger Passman
  • Civil War reenactor by Richard Gaffney
  • Black Canyon of the Gunnison by Roger Passman

About This Group

Mature men need to celebrate their coming of age. In this new group they can host their work , their images and sometimes themselves. Our lady friends are encouraged to post their works of mature men too…

So join and let’s have some fun….

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