Manchester Images

Images taken or created within Greater Manchester. Photos, Art, Graphics,Writing and Tees with a Manchester slant.

Recent Work

  • Manchester - The Plough, Heaton Moor by exvista
  • Manchester - The Angel, Angel Street by exvista
  • Manchester - The Chestergate, Stockport by exvista
  • Manchester - Peveril of the Peak by exvista
  • Pigeons of Piccadilly by Nicholas Coates
  • Great Marlborough Street, Manchester by Nicholas Coates
  • Flying Manchester Bee, Classic Edition by bitrot
  • Flying Manchester Bee, Rainbow Edition by bitrot
  • Manchester Bee, Classic Edition by bitrot
  • Manchester Bee, Rainbow Edition by bitrot
  • Urban Art (The Writing's on the Wall) by Stephen Knowles
  • China Lane, Manchester by Nicholas Coates

About This Group

A showcase for all the great imagery, clothing and writing that is produced within Greater Manchester in England. Photography, Graphics, Illustration, Artwork and T shirts are all welcome in this group. This is a group that wants to have all the vibrant , creative energy of this region of the North West of England.
All images will be moderated and only 10 images from each artist can be submitted a day. You may not live here but may have created some imagery whilst in Manchester, visiting, working or at college…as long as the work is of Greater Manchester it dosn’t matter.
The group is moderated by myself, David Johnson a.k.a. maxblack
No I don’t take a % of anything I’ve just stuck my head over the parapet and am blinking into the bright light of Greater Manchester Creativity…….meh……

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