Make up Your Mind (using make up products)

Let’s have fun using some make-up products.

About This Group

When we were little, we were not allowed to play with lipsticks.
Some of you may have the memories that you played with it and then your mum found out about that.

Well, you shouldn’t use your mum’s expensive lipsticks for this group but you can use some old make-up products.
You can actually try using any products around you to create your works.

But make-up products are the main media on your artwork.

Let’s recycle old/unwanted make-up products and create a beautiful master piece!!
No limit for uploading your works.
Create a lot of works!!

Next Workshop with Sydney’s Northern Beaches Artists Melinda Jordi and Midori Furze
“Lipstick Girls” drawing workshop for creating special Mothers Day’s portrait.
WHEN: Sat 30 April 2011, 1.30-3.30pm
WHERE: Tramshed Community Art Centre, Narrabeen, Sydney
WHAT TO BRING: Your old make-up products e.g. lipstick, eye shadows, liners etc.
Preference photos or mirrors or your mum.
Sponsored by Warringah Council Waste to Art Project
Supported by

The art exhibition “Make up Your Mind” 4-29 Sept 09
@Cafe Chill, Manly, NSW Australia

Under a beautiful blue sky, the “Make up Your Mind” art exhibition was officially opened by Karen Pini!!
Thirty artworks created with make-up products, by artists all over the world, are now exhibiting at Cafe Chill in Manly. Thank you to all the artists who are participating the event. I know many of them live far away from Manly and couldn’t come to the opening but your artworks and spirits were there!!
Everyone enjoyed the exhibition and happily looked at the artworks, and we had lovely chats over the coffee there.
Great Work, Angela!! Your are awesoooome!!!
The art exhibition, “Make up Your Mind” is a part of Manly Arts Festival 2009
Hosted by
Supported by RedBubble

More Photos go to Midori’s Journal

The Poster Challenge winner mimi yoon

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