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Made In Digital

The home for digital art and photos edited in photo editing programs.

Recent Work

  • VACUUM - a collection of nothing by TeaseTees
  • The Dark Ugly Witch by Stwayne
  • Engorgio! by Tinyevilpixie1
  • Frox by blacknight
  • Floral Girl Face 3 by AnnArtshock
  • Floral Girl Face 2 by AnnArtshock
  • Floral Girl Face by AnnArtshock
  • A Big Announcement by barrowda
  • Jack in the box (2618 Views) by aldona
  • Folds 3 by Nancypauling
  • Last Night by erikstandke
  • Cobalt Facets by Dana Roper

About This Group

This group is a great place for artists who make good creations in editing programs like photoshop. Edit your photos, add some effects and that’s it!!! Enjoy and have fun!!!

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