Super Macro Photography

Group for all enthusiasts of the small world


  • Female Robber Fly (Promachus rufipes) by Otto Danby II
  • Sydney Seahorse, Bare Island, Botany Bay by Erik Schlogl
  • Poppy snap by MarianBendeth
  • Hoverfly  / Episyrphus balteatus by relayer51
  • Paint me an abstract... by Qnita
  • Morning impression with orange butterfly by JBlaminsky
  • Twin Peaks - Pink and White Mushroom Duo by MotherNature
  • one more drop by Nicole W.
  • Waiting for a Breath of Wind by T.J. Martin
  • Bronze Leafed Spirea Blossom Macro  by Sandra Foster
  • ⊇ by Ben Loveday
  • The Twins ! by Elfriede Fulda
  • Attraction by MarianBendeth
  • Butterfly on Pansy by ElsT
  • Red Rhodo Bud Emerging by kathrynsgallery
  • Fans by Rusty Katchmer
  • Sweet White Clover   by MarjorieB
  • Peachy Pink Rose by Penny Smith