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Super Macro Photography

Group for all enthusiasts of the small world

  • Female Cardinal looking right at me. by TJ Baccari Photography
  • Flourish (Pietersite) by Stephanie Bateman-Graham
  • Apricot Rose & Dew Drops by AnnDixon
  •  I Have My Bee- d- Eye On You by relayer51
  • kiwifruit by Clare Colins
  • Double Snowdrop by AnnDixon
  • Low Hanging Fruit by Kasia-D
  • Daisies by cuprum
  • sunflower blooming.. by jammingene
  • White Rose in the Rain by AnnDixon
  • in the sunrays by Manon Boily
  • hot macro by Manon Boily
  • a drop on a spider's web by Clare Colins
  • Australian Native Tree! Stunning Flower of Lagunaria Patersonia.  by Rita Blom
  • Macro Nature Triptych Green by Kathie Nichols
  • Of DRagons And Men by Graeme M
  • Dusty Coil by Otto Danby II
  •  Pollen on my back by Damian Morphou