Group Rules:

Please see our Featured Art section for an idea of what kind of Photography we are looking for in this Group.

Content we will not accept
We are not a group for Gothic art, Fantasy art, Heavy Photo Manipulation or Artistic Nudes which appear to be devoid of anything horror or macabre related.

Regarding images of Dead Animals:
As these sometimes pertain to the horror genre, we will only accept images involving taxidermy/animals that have died of natural causes if presented in an artistic or conceptual way. Blatantly violent images of dead animals will NOT be accepted. If it’s not clear that the animal died of natural causes, it will be rejected. We DO NOT support animal cruelty!

About Photo Manipulation
Minor editing such as changing hues, making basic adjustments, adding PhotoShop effects, texture overlay other similar edits will be acceptable. When you use stock images and add them to the original image, this is considered Photo Manipulation and it will not be accepted to the group. If we see stock credits listed in your description of the work, the work will automatically be denied (Unless it is only a texture stock). If you have added your submission to a photomanipulation group the image will be deemed photomanipulation and automatically declined.

Approval of submissions is based on Host discretion.
Only high quality work will be accepted. Don’t be offended if your work isn’t accepted, it most likely means we feel it belongs in a different group or elements of the work could be improved quality wise (or it does not follow the group rules). Don’t take it personally.

No specific limit on daily submissions, however please do not flood the group. Failure to follow the group rules repeatedly will result in immediate removal from the group without notice.