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M42/Pentax/Manual Focus lenses

Group for manual focus lens afficionados to show off their work and the lenses used to make it

Recent Work

  • Infection  by strawberries
  • Bokeh Rose -Vintage Russian Lens Blur by Mark Haynes Photography
  • Helios Path.Stackpole,Pembrokeshire by Mark Haynes Photography
  • les chaussettes, tout de suite! by dreikelvin
  • The Whisperer by strawberries
  • to sink, if only to sleep by strawberries
  • float away by strawberries
  • Please let me go by strawberries
  • Blue Lamentation by Douglas McMann
  • Jake's last quest by strawberries
  • singing a haunting new melody for a new age by strawberries
  • I hear you singin' in the wire... by Douglas McMann

About This Group

All focal lengths and all camera bodies (SLR and DSLR) welcome. As long as the picture has been taken with a M42 or other manual focus lens, it is in. Almost all DSLRs can use M42 lenses through the use of an adapter.

Well, pictures taken with M39 and Leica M mount cameras will be accepted as well, just so they don’t feel left out, the poor things:).

This includes all Manual focus lenses, as M42 might be a bit specific. Keep in mind though that the main focus of the group is on M42 lenses.

Please do add the lens and camera details, and as much of the data as is possible.

The M42-mount lens users are usually a technical bunch and love to talk/post about their lenses, as such I hope there will be an active forum life:) This would be very helpful for newbies to the M42 world.

One question that is on everybodies mind I am sure is, why M42 lens mount?

Several points in favor are; low price, high quality, built like tanks, interchangable, e.g. you can use them on different camera platforms only by switching out the adapter (~$10.00/piece on eBay for an adapter).
The lenses run between about $50.00 – $250.00. The exception to the rule are Zeiss and tilt-shift lenses. The low price is because they are quite old and have been produced in the millions; high quality because most of them (especially the russian and east german ones) have been (and some still are) designed and built in state owned millitary consortiums and/or by Zeiss optics. They are tack-sharp with high resolution capabilities and built like tanks because they are exclusively made of metal and glass.
Due to the high number of (aperture) blades the opening formed by the iris is very close to a perfect circle which results in very impressive bokeh (hence certain lenses are called cotton candy machines, or bokeh monsters:) The Jupiter 9, Jupiter 37A, the Pentacon 135mm preset, are good examples of the breed:).

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