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MIRTH (Members Images Relating To Humour)

Humorous Images either relating to Image and Title, or image alone

Recent Work

  • Silly Lilly by Ginny York
  • Is This Food ?? by Ginny York
  • HAPPY HALLOWEEN !! by Ginny York
  • What Is Halloween ?? by Ginny York
  • BUT MOM...I'M  A BOY!! by Ginny York
  • Pretty Boy by Ginny York
  • Thanksgiving (prints & cards w/words - all other items w/no words) by Ginny York
  • The fox and the Hounds! by oulgundog
  • Patchwork cow, Tasmania by Margaret  Hyde
  • Oh Solo Mio !!! by Ginny York
  • It Feels Like A Toy ~ by Ginny York
  • Tree-d! by oulgundog

About This Group

We are looking for photographs only (no Art or Tee Shirts) that have a humorous content, either by the image alone or with the support of the title.
The accent should be on “Humour”, images that genuinely make you laugh, so please do not enter animal pictures that are merely “soft and cuddly” Thank you.

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