LUMIX LOVERS.....*TWO IMAGES PER DAY*......(Panasonic cameras only).. (Default *Image Only size, rejected otherwise. NO DIGITAL)

Group Rules:

NEW RULES!* … …* IMAGE ONLY SIZE* is all we accept for Moderation. We Do NOT accept the new RB Chair/Pillow/Product format as the DEFAULT IMAGE. It makes it VERY difficult for me to see the quality and beauty of your images. If I have to STRUGGLE to see color, composition, clarity and the finer details of your images, they will be deleted when found. The same goes for Framed Works. This is YOUR CHOICE, but if I cannot SEE them, I cannot FEATURE them. Sorry…..*****************

This group is for images taken using Panasonic Lumix cameras.
You must state in the description the make and model of the camera used.
Only two images per day.
Photographs only allowed.
No nudity
This group is to showcase Lumix cameras, not Photoshop, so no composites (including writing and frames) or over processed images. Basic cropping, zooming, leveling, color balancing & cleaning/cloning of image OK. HDR ok. B & W, Sepia, if its done In Camera….So NO Selective Coloring, NO layers, textures, blurring edges, wording, grunge or fracs.
We will not accept entries that contain material that is obviously the copyright of someone else (including descriptions). Please add a link to the source rather than copy and paste someone else’s work.
Repeated rejections by the same artist will result in them being banned.