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The place for Panasonic Lumix camera lovers everywhere. MUST put camera description in!( And No Digital layers, enhancements, Faded Edges, etc please. Straight from camera. HDR OK) ******READ NEW RULES**********


  • Hornets Nest by Susan S. Kline
  • *Mrs. Pork Chops taking Life easy - Donegans Farm - Gordon Vic. Australia by EdsMum
  • Last one getting ready to fly by Yukondick
  • Coaxing their sibling by Yukondick
  • Red Rose Highlighted by WildestArt
  • Sunderland Airshow 2016 (2) by Tony Blakie
  • Sunderland Airshow 2016 (Fairey Swordfish) by Tony Blakie
  • Like a Shag on a Rock by Larry Lingard-Davis
  • Stephanie aka Shulie ....................N Ireland by Fara
  • Hay Stack Rock at Cannon Beach by Yukondick
  • After Sunset by Trish Meyer
  • Glow on the Altar by kalaryder
  • Elegant Arches by kalaryder
  • Juicy Red Cherry by Sue Gurney
  • Sunderland Airshow 2016 (The Red Arrows) by Tony Blakie
  • Coastline along Great Ocean Rd. Vic. Australia by EdsMum
  • Raindrops on grass by Tony Blakie
  • Incoming on a Plate of Currie  by Larry Lingard-Davis