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Low AND Wide Angle

This challenge closed over 3 years ago.

The Challenge

This is our first challenge and this group is very young (few days old only) so, we are testing here the reaction of our members and their motivation to participate.

If the results are positives, we will be delighted to create more challenges (some with voucher) in the future.

Considering that, we are allowing a time frame of 2 weeks for submissions, starting right now. It will give you the time to go out and make this photo we want if you don’t have it yet and it will also allow new members to join us and participate in this first challenge as well.

It will also be very appreciated if you see this kind of photograph on RedBubble to ask the artist to request an invitation to our group and to submit his/her photo to the challenge. Thank you for that ;-)


What kind of photo must be submitted?

We want to see EXCLUSIVELY a Low Angle shot of course but with the following specificities:

1. Photo MUST be taken from a VERY Low Angle. “Rat View” (Shot from the ground level) is not an obligation but a must.

2. Wide angle lens is also a must. The wider, the better but not a “Fisheye” please. If you have a lens between 15 and 20mm (24×36 sensor) or between 10 and 15mm (DX cropped sensor) that would be the perfect one to use.

3. Taking photo from the ground with a very wide angle lens may bring a lot of deformations on the vertical axis but don’t be afraid about that as if it is artistic and give a nice perspective to the subject, we’ll love it.

4. Everything has to be perfect on the photo you’ll submit. Photo MUST be perfectly clear, sharp, impressive with nothing distracting or out of context in the background. We will be VERY picky about that and any photo not fitting in this challenge will be removed before voting.

5. Subject can be about anything following RedBubble rules and guidelines as well as the specific rules of this group.

6. We accept full colours, black & white, sepia and selective colour images as well.

See the cover image to get an idea for what we are looking for…

Judging / Voting Criteria

The specific entry MUST come within the theme of the challenge and the emphasis MUST be on both “Low Angle” AND “Wide Angle”…

The image being submitted must be created and submitted by the owner of that image.

The image must be submitted and accepted into the group prior to judging.

All voting will be carried out and the winner be chosen by members within this group.

Rewards & Prizes

- A Master Low Angle Photography image banner for the winner.
- A Featured image of the winning entry into our featured images section.
- The winner will be featured on the group homepage as a Thumbnail.
- A big size image of the winning entry on an article “Challenge Winner” on our forums
- A chance to get extra exposure.
- Applause from fellow group members.
- A very high consideration from your Hosts as the winner of our very first challenge.

Additional Information

Please make sure that your entry is also submitted and accepted in the group before voting begins.

If you want to see what you have in the group, then go to the top right hand side of the Group Header and place your mouse over where it says “Group Options” and then click on “My Works”.

Cover Image: BMW in the Darkness at MIA Airport in Florida by Jeremy Lavende...


The Top Ten

One Room Schoolhouse - Harrison,  Maine by T.J. Martin

One Room Schoolhouse - Harrison, Maine by T.J. Martin was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 16 votes.

  • Country Entrance by Robyn Carter
  • Assessing the situation by Maree Cardinale
  • Zelda, RHOA, RHEXAJ: From Rescued Dog To Agility Champion by Alex Preiss
  • " To the Front " by canonman99
  • Honest Abe, The Great Emancipator by Barrie Woodward
  • The Waterfall Reef  by Mieke Boynton
  • River Road Emu Plains at Night  by Manfred Belau
  • Paper Daisies. Victorian High Country. by ImagesbyDi
  • Lost Mountains by Michael Treloar

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