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! ♥♥♥Love & Poetry♥♥♥ !

Show us the things, people, places, symbols of and decadent displays of Love!


  • Michelle Morine

    Bruises by Michelle Morine

    An ordinary touch
    filling these veins
    as they turn to stone

    Markings on my heart
    leave scars seared on
    the red velvet lining
    of the outer shell.

    The Earth carries this mark
    in it’s womb endearing us

    54 words
  • su2anne

    The fabric by su2anne

    The Old One muses; ‘How can you fit the impossible?”
    Yet The Infinite is her weft
    The universe her warp
    Stardust her silken thread

    38 words
  • Michelle Morine

    White Raven by Michelle Morine

    Lost to the heavens
    leaves a tear on my soul

    Darkness alludes me
    I am a white raven
    flying alone
    no more are stones

    Eyes of a fiercely carved


    awaiting your return
    in the wake of memorie…

    89 words
  • Michelle Morine

    Storm of The Ancients by Michelle Morine

    Cold winter breathes
    acid in the rain

    Blinded by ashes
    it grows harder to
    inhale your touch

    My bones ache
    in the night
    as the heat sets
    into molten stone

    An inner freeze
    enters my body
    creating a storm
    of the…

    45 words
  • Michelle Morine

    The Dreaming Sky by Michelle Morine

    These days don’t
    say I love you like
    you do.

    Like you do.

    I must imagine you near.
    Your throne awaits
    my king
    The way the soldiers
    stand so tall
    like you do.

    Like you do.

    I can sense you close
    now as …

    106 words

    T W I S T by MINDSET

    …..blames of constant whimsy………..

    56 words
  • su2anne

    The assignation by su2anne

    She is soft, rounded achingly full
    Such beauty witnessed is sweetest sorrow
    For whom I see
    Reflects not me

    73 words


    …Hell or high water….

    117 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    This Imperfect Peace by Jascie Epinn

    This content is not visible because mature content has been hidden.
    354 words
  • DominicSavio

    Jingle Bells by DominicSavio

    Jingle bells and popcorn
    Shiny things in shoe
    With ribbons
    All the things we work
    Hoping they buy us
    A little smile on your
    To ease the pain of this
    Rat race
    I can’t w…

    338 words
  • Ian Mooney

    The Autumn Painter by Ian Mooney

    The beauty of the garden beckoned many different things through its gateway, both on foot and on the wind. Children, birds and butterflies were its favorite creatures. Autumn was the time we liked th…

    300 words
  • Ian Mooney

    Vessel for the Voices by Ian Mooney

    My mind has become a vessel full of voices
    Nothing else exists within the vessel
    Only the voices
    Four separate voices fighting with each other
    They scream to me about my lonely world
    The first voice is am…

    299 words
  • Vanja Radic

    pulsating missing by Vanja Radic

    I feel missing you tonight like a palpable void at the bottom of my stomach.

    indescribable powerful feeling..I would like to touch you, breathe you, taste you, feel you, watch you while you sleep, ju…

    87 words
  • Andrew Dodds

    The Call - Sonnet by Andrew Dodds

    O come now traveller, venture forth,
    It’s time for you to take a chance,
    To go and measure out your worth
    And take your place amongst the dance.

    96 words
  • Andrew Dodds

    Tea - Sonnet by Andrew Dodds

    Everyone has a seat here, has a place,
    I like to try remember who sits where,
    I connect every chair to every face,
    And write down the stories that we share.

    123 words
  • Blake Steele


    The old have a job to do!
    Don’t wait for society to value you!
    Become reconnected to Creation.
    Love Father Sky. Love Mother Earth.

    325 words
  • Blake Steele

    GOODNIGHT MOON by Blake Steele

    Goodnight moon: may the sea and her birds
    soothe you, as you, in your subtleties,
    move her immensity.

    94 words
  • su2anne

    Where are you... by su2anne

    A small pile of ash
    Has fallen to my feet
    Cinders of it float
    On my lake of dreams

    66 words