All Creatures Welcome! Black & Whites must be a good clear image!


Evita Evita 14065 posts

Hello everyone,

Features fro the month of April are up for viewing…36 Beautiful animals all cute and wonderful
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All images are click-able and will take you to the artist’s page
Thank you!


Lazy sunny afternoon
by Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos

Central Bearded Dragon
by Chris Randall

I Will Follow You
by Bunny Clarke

by Macky

Seal Pup at Cape Bridgewater
by Aden Brown

Off To Explore The World
by CBoyle

'Sun Worshipper'
by salsbells69

Pipevine Swallowtail On Jasmine Vine
by Penny Odom

Climbing the Wall…
by Tracie Louise

Mare & Foal
by Sophie Corrigan

Timber Wolf
by Michael Cummings

American Paint
by BarbBarcikKeith

Kingfisher – II (Alcedo atthis)
by Peter Wiggerman

Joy of Spring
by Jo Nijenhuis

Why did the Rhino cross the road?
by Vicki Spindler

Lemur of Madagascar
by liberthine01

Face Off
by Ann Van Breemen

Slippin' an' a slidin'
by Alan Mattison

Red Breasted Toucan at Iguassu, Brazil
by Carole-Anne

Do you think I used too much makeup?
by vigor

by Miles Moody

Baby, It's Cold Outside
by Martha Medford

Where's mine?
by jammingene

You Lookin' At Me?
by William Brennan

Coming Forth
by Alexandra Lavizzari

Buddy – froggie watercolor painting
by Rebecca Rees

Spotted Solitude
by Sheryl Unwin

Desert Dog
by Heather Haderly

Close Encounter
by TeresaB

Highland Cattle
by Carol Bleasdale

Swimming Snapper
by Veronica Schultz

swallowtail and peach blossom
by davvi

Bald Eagle
by Tom Piorkowski

The Red Calf
by Ken McElroy

Seagull Landing
by Corri Gryting Gutzman

Chatting over the fence
by missmoneypenny

Congratulations to everyone… fabulous works !
vigor vigor 10270 posts

Superb gallery of works! I loved them all!! Congrats to all the featured artists!!! Thank you for featuring mine in this selection!

Tom Piorkowski Tom Piorkowski 25 posts

Great images, congrats to all

Ann  Van Breemen Ann Van Breemen 203 posts

Congratulations everyone. Some absolutely stunning works up there and I’m so proud to be up there with you.

Celeste Mookherjee Celeste Mookhe... 15059 posts

Congratulations to all the featured artists on your superb work – really wonderful selections!

Rita Blom Rita Blom 3327 posts

Superb Gallery of works, great choices! The art and photography is really beautiful, Congratulations to the very worthy Featured Artists.

Bunny Clarke Bunny Clarke 2690 posts

Congratulations to all the featured artists. :o)

Vivian Sturdivant Vivian Sturdivant 5309 posts

Wonderful selection!! Congratulations to all featured. :)

Heather Haderly Heather Haderly 126 posts

Wow, what spectacular images! Congrats to all!

salsbells69 salsbells69 493 posts

All fabulous images and what an honour to be featured amongst them. Thankyou very much Evita and congratulations to all those featured above. :)))

Macky Macky 1123 posts

Humbled to be on the same page, thanks very much Evita and congrats to all!!

Alan Mattison Alan Mattison 505 posts

well done ! big congrats to all !!

missmoneypenny missmoneypenny 1258 posts

So many beautiful images – congratulations to all

Alexandra Lavizzari Alexandra Lavi... 2055 posts

Great pictures, art and photos – congratulations to everyone and thanks so much for including my deer!

Martha Medford Martha Medford 346 posts

Wonderful selection!! Congratulations to all featured. Thank you for including mine!

davvi davvi 446 posts

Congratulations to all.wonderful selection.

Jo Nijenhuis Jo Nijenhuis 1416 posts

WOW such a great selection of Featured Art, well done Evita and thanks for being a part of it!
Congratulations to All Featured Artists, a superb job.
Cheers, Jo ;)

soaringanchor soaringanchor 64 posts

A brilliant collection of work! Congratulations and amazing job to everyone!

DebbyScott DebbyScott 62 posts

Superb images. Congratulations to all artists.

TeresaB TeresaB 2613 posts

Huge Congratulations to all featured artists!! Wonderful selections Evita!! I’m delighted to be included!!

autumnwind autumnwind 6437 posts

Wow, super congrats everyone!!!!!

Ken McElroy Ken McElroy 130 posts

Wonderful selection of images and very proud to have one amongst them. Congrats to all the others.

CreativeEm CreativeEm 109 posts

Congrats to all, great work!

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 9910 posts

Fantastic selection of features, Evita!
Thank you so much for including one of mine.
Congratulations to all the artists of the featured works!

Vicki Spindler (VHS Photography) Vicki Spindler... 6786 posts

Congratulations to you all!!!! So pleased to be featured too!!! :))))))))) x x x