All Creatures Welcome! Black & Whites must be a good clear image!

  • Childhood Dreams II: Swimming With the Fishes by Bunny Clarke
  • By The Barn by RickDavis
  • Crossbill (Loxia curvirostra Linnaeus) - I by Peter Wiggerman
  • Pipevine Swallowtail by Susan S. Kline
  • Bucorvus leadbeateri – SOUTHERN GROUNDHORNBILL by Magaret Meintjes
  • Poised - Long-tailed Pea Blue Butterfly by Marilyn Harris
  • Parrot couple by hanspeters
  • Caring by Linda Gregory
  • Bird & Flower by Sophie Corrigan
  • Green sea turtle portrait by David Wachenfeld
  • Don`t worry sis the big lions won`t hurt us!! by jozi1
  • The Simple Things Are the Most Extraordinary (Elephant-Size Dreams) by soaringanchor
  • Regent Bowerbird, male by watchthebirdie
  • Black Rhinoceros by Jan Fijolek
  • Ma & Pa Finch.... by Kathy Reid
  • Heaven! by autumnwind
  • Springbok - African Wildlife Background - Magnificent Sun by LivingWild
  • Dognut by Sophie Corrigan