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Love Affair With The Lens

Group Rules:

Please, spare us anything that could make us blush. No nudity, nothing gruesome and nothing heavily laced with post production (photoshop). Please do not submit anything suggesting profanity or with profane words written on it, even if the words are scrambled (ie the “f” word).
We are kind, so you be kind if you want to join. Please feel free to gush over your favorites but remember, if you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s best to keep your negative opinions to yourself! :)
Please do not inundate us with your work. 2 a day would be perfect, unless you’ve got one extra you must submit now… or you will spontaneously combust!
Most of all… Have Fun! Experiment! Challenge yourself! Take your love affair with the lens to the highest level your heart desires! Ready, aim, begin!