Love Affair With The Lens

For those who love the magic that happens when an exciting capture is secured forever via your trusty, favorite camera.


  • Ethereal glow by crystalline
  • drifting through memories by byzantinehalo
  • Like Stained Glass by m E Grayson
  • Aztec Mask by DavidsArt
  • Overflow ~ Fall Colors ~ by Charles & Patricia   Harkins ~ Picture Oregon
  • Marble 3780 by João Castro
  • Shed with Canola by Peter Hammer
  • Earth Star Puffball by Charles & Patricia   Harkins ~ Picture Oregon
  • Great Ridge by John Dunbar
  • Mission From God by Ben Loveday
  • LaSalle Canyon Waterfall by Adam Bykowski
  • Reds Under The Bed by Ben Loveday
  • Navaho Code Talkers, Memorial.   by Charmiene Maxwell-batten
  • Spooky Tree by Rosalie Scanlon
  • "Crossing Over"  . . .  perhaps a new beginning by Barbny
  • A Bare Willow Tree by Adam Kuehl
  • Ghosting by Ben Loveday
  • Butterfly Balancing Act (Clipper Parthenos Sylvia) by Nalinne Jones