Love Affair With The Lens

For those who love the magic that happens when an exciting capture is secured forever via your trusty, favorite camera.

  • Butterfly album, butterfly Nr. 2 by loiteke
  • ... kissing is always a problem ... by John44
  • Strawberries -Still Life by Evita
  • Heavy Thunderstorm with spectacular lightning on the farm where I live in the Free State, South Africa. 001 by Qnita
  • Nice Pear by Sharon Kavanagh
  • Noir by Barbara  Brown
  • A Moment Of CLarity by Graeme M
  • Water-play by Dominika Aniola
  • Bailey. by Trish Threlfall
  • Amanita Rubescens by relayer51
  • Fall Colors by vadim19
  • Still Blooming by Astrid Ewing Photography
  • Beaten By The Sea by timpr
  • Standing in the Shafts of Light by relayer51
  • Waiting... by Macky
  • DAISY by Michael Carter
  • Sunrise Silhouette by lorilee
  • 5am - Wilson Lake, Quebec by Jim Cumming