Love Affair With The Lens

For those who love the magic that happens when an exciting capture is secured forever via your trusty, favorite camera.

Recent Work

  • Grevillea  Robusta, Silky Oak by Joy Watson
  • UP CLOSE -  BURCHELL’S ZEBRA – Equus burchelli – Bontkwagga by Magriet Meintjes
  • The Little Red Boat - Victoria Point Qld Australia by Beth  Wode
  • Face by Laurie Puglia
  • Cambodia by Brendan Buckley
  • 112015 yellow jewel by pcfyi
  • Thunder Ready To Take Me On A Walk by Robert Armendariz
  • Agaphantus - Spring Rain by Evita
  • Kodak Yellow Film Cans by Robert Armendariz
  • Camouflage by Dave Callaway
  • Along the River by DanByTheSea
  • The Rose Trellis  by sandysartstudio

About This Group

This group is for anyone with a passion for photography, and an eye for capturing what’s riveting, beautiful, memorable, lovely, inspiring, dazzling, thought provoking and most of all a moment in time that’s worthy of keeping safe and treasured. Please upload only your most divine work that you take the greatest pride and joy in. Nothing low quality, no grainy “snapshots”. I really do not want to hit the reject button, so please be sure you give your image the double take before uploading it to our group. We are looking for works of art or at least interesting art that is original, timeless and soul-stirring. Images with a deeper meaning beyond just a pretty picture are highly encouraged. Our group is here to cheer you on, showcase your finest and champion your unique, signature style.

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