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Live music photography and related live music items and locations, people

Recent Work

  • Burmese boy musician, Chatuchak markets, Bangkok, Thailand by indiafrank
  • Lead break time by Mark Batten-O'Donohoe
  • Finding the groove by Mark Batten-O'Donohoe
  • Marky - Bamzal by Mark Batten-O'Donohoe
  • Langa caste boy playing the Sindhi Sarangi by indiafrank
  • Wanna bite the hand that feeds me, wanna turn the tides ..Set the demons free and watch 'em fly..Strike down the one who leads me, I'm gonna take his place.. I'm a war machine  by jammingene
  • Maltese Colorfulness by AspenWillow
  • Feel It by Vladan
  • Taasha Coates by BRogers
  • Kate Miller-Heidke at MONA Tasmania by BRogers
  • Serenader by phil decocco
  • Street Musician - A One Man Band by AspenWillow

About This Group

The group aims to showcase live music photography for music buffs, this includes record stores, gigs, venues, artists, gig posters etc.

Professional music photographers would be great to show those new ones the ropes and how to get into gigs, backstage, tricks and tips, lens, photo advice etc.

Live music LIVE music

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