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Features - Apr 17 2011

Sue Ratcliffe Sue Ratcliffe 372 posts

Features for April 17th are up!!!

Today…..the eyes have it!!!!! I was very drawn to all the magnificent images of eyes!!!!! Congratulations to all our artists for their wonderful images!!!!!!

Anna Larson Anna Larson 211 posts

Congratulations to all,,,, really beautiful work … !!! Great choices…

Ginny York Ginny York 7016 posts

Thank you so much for featuring A Dogs Eye View – A Look Inside – Original in your group!

I am truly honored and proud to be among such awesome works.
Congratulations to all featured.

Rosehaven Rosehaven 1632 posts

Very many thanks Sue & CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL FEATURED ARTISTS on their superb work !

Rickster1 Rickster1 141 posts

Outstanding competition for features ~ Proud to sit shoulder to shoulder with this weeks chosen
Congrats to other artists

James Gibbs James Gibbs 3512 posts

Excellent! Congrats to all!

patjila patjila 1105 posts

Wonderful eye catching gallery of features :) Congrats to all artists!

Rhonda Strickland Rhonda Strickland 4169 posts

I am so honored!!! Thank you Sue for selecting this to be featured… A happy Sunday surprise.

Thank you so much for featuring my piece

I Listen to the Rain
by restlessd

If wishes were granted
With one single smile
I’d wish to hold you close
For just a little while.

If kisses were given
Just for love’s sake.
My heart would be yours
It would no longer ache.

If wrapped in your arms
Was where I belonged
Then that’s where I’d be,
Having never been wronged.

But that’s just daydreaming
Nothing’s as it is seeming.
Our love has left fleeting
My heart has stopped beating.

My days no longer matter
The nights are endless pain.
I sit in darkened shadows
And I listen to the rain.

a rhonda originial 2010©

Poem written exclusively for this image.


Carol2 Carol2 1137 posts

Congratulations eveyone!!

Anna Larson Anna Larson 211 posts

Beautiful … I listen to the rain also … :) Congrats … :)

Anna Larson Anna Larson 211 posts

Congratulations to everyone …. Awesome Job …:)

Sally Griffin Sally Griffin 3743 posts

so intriguing…congrats to all featured!

SimplyRed SimplyRed 567 posts

congrats to all featured artists :)

machka machka 1678 posts

Nice work. Congratulations to all.

James Gibbs James Gibbs 3512 posts

Congratulations to everyone!