LISBON and Surroundings (Portugal)

LISBON and Surroundings


  • su2anne

    A ride in parallel by su2anne


    Heart’s desire
    Friends of like mindedness
    Joy of passions and
    Resolve to do what’s
    Necessary so at the
    End you can
    Reflect with
    Satisfaction and be

    112 words
  • su2anne

    Take heart by su2anne

    An alchemy potion so
    Rich that no amount of
    Foreign gold can change…
    So beware the
    Devil and do not sing too
    Loud for your supper… Take
    Heart Lisbon

    95 words
  • Ainsley Kellar Creations

    Never The Breadwinner by Ainsley Kellar...

    She was never the breadwinner
    She only made the bread
    She could have been noteworthy
    But she raised some kids instead.
    Her name was never chiseled
    On a granite obelisk
    But her mother’s love lives on inside…

    150 words
  • Ainsley Kellar Creations

    Let's Hibernate by Ainsley Kellar...

    Batten down the hatches
    Button up with glee
    Time to snuggle close and
    Hibernate with me.
    Winter’s fast upon us
    Bitter cold abounds
    But home is toasty, cozy
    Comforters surround.
    We won’t emerge til springtim

    75 words
  • Ainsley Kellar Creations

    Wild Woman by Ainsley Kellar...

    Wild woman
    Running free
    No one claim her
    Let her be
    She will not answer
    When you call
    You cannot leash her
    To the wall
    She must be left
    To roam the land
    She’s happiest
    At her command……

    But should she choose
    To fi

    107 words
  • terezadelpilar ~ art & architecture

    Stay by terezadelpilar...

    Take the elevator upstairs where DREAMS are :)
    …….and stay there for as long as you can :)

    16 words
  • terezadelpilar ~ art & architecture

    Space by terezadelpilar...

    Don´t keep hard feelings inside, as they occupy too much space and cause pain.

    God doesn´t have a chance to give us good things if we are obsessed with something.

    32 words
  • terezadelpilar ~ art & architecture

    Blaming by terezadelpilar...

    Stop blaming others for what has happened in your life.

    Everything that happens to us, it is our own fault.

    We let it happen.

    24 words
  • terezadelpilar ~ art & architecture

    Being alone by terezadelpilar...

    Being alone is the best opportunity you have to discover your innerself.…

    First you realize if you are confortable in your own company, and second you begin to master your brain, to keep it quiet.


    49 words
  • Ainsley Kellar Creations

    If An Artist Falls In The Forest, Does Anyone Care??? by Ainsley Kellar...

    I was running errands yesterday and while I was driving from one end of town to the other I tuned into a radio show on NPR. A lady was being interviewed regarding a book she’d written about a man who…

    782 words
  • Ainsley Kellar Creations

    Roll Up And Down An Emerald Lawn... by Ainsley Kellar...

    Turn upside down
    Act like a clown
    Laugh at inappropriate times
    Always make fun of mimes
    Eat takeout food in your bed
    Pull covers up and bury your head
    Read from the ray of flashlight
    Tell scary stories and …

    109 words
  • Sean Boyce

    Thanks for feature by Sean Boyce

    Thanks to the Lisbon & surroundings group for my recent feature ‘Watching over you’. Delighted to have my work featured

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