Das neue A-Linien Kleid. A wie ALLES bedruckt.


Group Rules:

All forms of art are acceptable…paintings, digital, photography, tee shirts…if you have a writing (poem/prose) pertaining to lips…they are also welcome. The image uploaded should be FOCUSED ON THE LIPS…portraits are welcome, as long as the lips are the main focal point…and yes Men, your lips are welcome too_. NO animals, NO gore…human lips!!! No nudity please. If your image is rejected, please read rules. If you continue to resubmit an image that has been rejected, by the 3rd time of resubmitting, you will be removed from the group!!!*

Your uploads are unlimited, BUT please limit yourself to 2 uploads per day…there are a lot of great lips out there deserving of attention…so lets make sure everyone gets a chance to pucker up!