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The purpose of this group is to show off those great lips!


  • Porcelain Girl  by Shevaun  Shh!
  • Breathe you in by whittyart
  • ~ I'll be watching you ~ by Adriana Glackin
  • ~ every breath you take ~ by Adriana Glackin
  • pride lips by Earhart Chappel Inc.   IPA
  • Saint or Sinner ??? by Lisa Hill
  • RED Moment by whittyart
  • POP ART I by whittyart
  • The Angel's Secret... by Shevaun  Shh!
  • Shh Sweet Songbird  by Shevaun  Shh!
  • Bright Red Lipstick Print by blueclover
  • yellow snow ... by SNAPPYDAVE
  • red retro by VVVenus
  • "Its not an olive buddy its a microphone!" by Shevaun  Shh!
  • Out of Darkness  by Shevaun  Shh!
  • Dont you look at me by Violeta Pérez Anzorena
  • an iconic  portrait by Earhart Chappel Inc.   IPA
  • soft eyes and lips by Earhart Chappel Inc.   IPA