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The Challenge

Fantasy art is a genre of art that depicts magical or other supernatural themes, ideas, creatures or settings. While there is some overlap with science fiction, horror and other speculative fiction art, there are unique elements not generally found in other forms of speculative fiction art. Depictions of ancient myths and legends, as well as depictions of modern day fantasy in the form of divine interventions and other magical or supernatural forces, are very common elements, and help distinguish fantasy art from other forms. Dragons, wizards, fairies and other fantastical and mythical creatures are common features in fantasy art. Wikipedia

Judging / Voting Criteria

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Rewards & Prizes

$20 Redbubble Voucher to Winner
Banners and bragging rights to Top Ten

Ties are honored, however if we have more than four and time permits, we will hold an Exclusive Tie-Breaker Challenge for winners only.

Additional Information

Host reserve the right to remove any image that is offensive or unsuitable to the challenge.

Cover Image: ~ And then there was light ~ by Nadya Johnson


The Top Ten

The Long Way Home by Trudi's Images

The Long Way Home by Trudi's Images was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 6 votes.

  • Losing My Religion by billyboy
  • Apparition  by Cliff Vestergaard
  • Light In The Dark by Yvonne Emerson
  • Hope by Rob Emery
  • OCEAN DUNES by oneoftheclan
  • Out of the Darkness came a Unicorn ! by Morag Bates
  • The Silence of the Sirens by shutterbug2010
  • Sad by Gisele Bedard
  • Fairy Flowers  by Linda Callaghan

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