Excellence in Light & Reflection 1/24

Group Rules:

  1. 1. Upload only one image per day, with a maximum of 10 images in the gallery
  1. 2. Always abide by Redbubble code of Conduct and Terms &Conditions
  1. 3. Journal entries and writing must relate to Excellence in light and/or reflection.
  1. 4. Light and Reflections should look natural. No over-processing please. Images that use filters or add ins that artificially create reflections or water effects, or that artificially create lighting effects, or that create textures will not be accepted. HDR images will be rejected when, in the opinion of the host doing the moderation, it is no longer natural looking. An image may be rotated or flipped in entirety, but no partial or biased flipping will be permitted.
  1. 5. Images showing excellence with emphasis on Light and / or Reflection only please. This could be an image of many things, however the image must stand out because of its excellent lighting or reflection quality.
  1. 6. The assessment criteria will be… “Does the light and/or reflection enhance the image in some special way beyond merely enabling the recording of the image but instead show excellence in light and/or reflection? If so accept, otherwise reject".
  1. 7. Sunrises and sunsets, flower photo’s and fireworks photos will not be accepted unless there is something spectacular about the light and/or reflection. The emphasis must be on light, not on a light emitting device, so streetlights, city lights, candles, torches, sparklers and other light producing objects will not be accepted unless the image shows excellence and there is something spectacular about the light and/or reflection.
  1. 8. No paintings, drawings, digital art or clothing thanks.
  1. 9. Please note that “reflection” in this group refers to the reflection of light, not reflection in terms of thought, feelings, memories and such.
  1. 10. While we accept that nudity can be artistic, and can very much involve light and reflection, we believe that there are plenty of other groups where nudity can be displayed. Therefore we have decided that nudity will not be permitted. If it would not be suitable to be opened at work, it will not be permitted in Light & Reflection
  1. 11. Most importantly – show us your images that truly exhibit excellence in their light or reflection qualities.
  1. 12. By Joining this group you accept that moderation is subjective, and that the decision of any particular host is final. Due to the number of submissions to the group we do not have the time to spend arguing whether an image should have been accepted or not. Sorry but we are voluntary hosts and have our own lives to live.
  1. 13. Due to the large number of images submitted to the group that clearly indicate that the group rules have not been considered (ie people are just ticking all group boxes), members who submit images which are clearly outside the group guidelines will be removed from the group without notice.

#14. Please do not add images with digitally added borders, banners, or signatures.